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Battle & Exploration: Year 7 Progress
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By dre

It’s time for another weekly update. The progress of Year 7 is going as expected. I’ve gone from a modest 10% completion to a, roughly, 35% completion. It doesn’t sound like much, but that’s because they’re so much information I have to transcribe into the game. Take the map above for instance. This map takes place about half way into 7th year. (a little bit before half, actually) From the image you can get an idea of the scope of the content I have to deal with. Also, check out the video below.

Each one of those colored ground effects is something I have to manually set and design for continuity. (sadly, there’s no getting around this timely process) Each one of those “T” objects has an item I need to set. Each one of those red faces is a battle I need to script. Each one of those green faces is an event I have to design. Granted, even though everything is already written down and most of the enemies and items are already in the database, I still have to take the time to set it.

Also, keep in mind. Even though I’m using an RPG Framework inside of Unity, most of what I’m doing above is custom gameplay. It is not something native to the framework or Unity. I have designed scripts and systems that I follow religiously so the game will work exactly as I expect it to whenever I start the game up. Every time I have to do something “off script” or make any changes to the core scripts I start to sweat bullets. Such changes tend to reverberate throughout the whole game and can cause unexpected behavior.

Despite that, I’ve completed so many maps at this point that I’ve become indiscriminately efficient. Over the months of working on the battle and exploration I’ve built a great number of templates and shortcuts to speed up the process at every level. I’ve also made changes to the documents and improvements to the dialogue as I implemented them into the game. Out of all of the systems in the game, I have the most confidence in the maps working as intended from day one.

With all the work that’s been happening, the one thing I really haven’t done recently is actually play the game. I was reminded (yet again) that I was making a game when I had to test a method I wasn’t sure would work in battle. It’s always nice to see the work I do displayed on screen instead of just a vision in my head. (that has been the only way I can “see” the game for months now)

I’ve done so many battle events and large dialogues as I was working through the years of the battle and exploration and none of them have been properly tested in game. I reeeaaaaalllllyyyyy hope they all just work on my first play through. I DO NOT look forward to a play testing session where I run into a game stopping bug every 5 minutes. Ugh……..

For the next week I hope to get from 35% to at least 70%. This will put me up to the final map of the 7th year. I might not finish the final map since it’s pretty huge and the other maps I have to do are pretty large as well. The map above is actually the last snow type in the main game. For the second half of the 7th year the environment makes a complete flip. I’ll show you guys what I mean in the next update. đŸ˜„

Until then, stay well folks!

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