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Battle & Exploration: Year 6 Complete
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By dre

Hello everyone. I am back with another update. This week I am happy to report I have completed year 6. What a year it was. So much dialogue, so many maps. I’m glad it’s over. (for now) But there’s no time for rest. I have a deadline so I must move on to the final story year. Year 7.

Year 7 is pretty much like year 6. Lots of dialogue and lots of events. The good news is, it doesn’t have that many maps. But the maps themselves are pretty dense with content and dialogue. Like the map in the image above. It’s the first map from year 7, you are only seeing about 25% of the total map. The rest is hidden behind quest reveals.

That’s sort of the theme from year 7. Multiple quest per map. But there is also a sort of focus shift that happens in year 7. Year 7 has the conclusion to many plot points throughout the game. But it also transitions to the subplot of the post game.

Once I’m completed with year 7 I need to complete a series of post game maps. Then after that, I have a variety of end game events, world events, shops, dialogue and holidays I still need to complete. All of that on top of actually testing the game which I know will be a hell I’m not looking forward to.

Right now I just want to get everything that has to be in the game completed. I need the bare minimum in game and ready to go.

For the next week it will just be me grinding through the maps. At the moment I’d say I’m about 10% done with year 7. Maybe I’ll be 40% done by next week. We’ll see how things go.

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