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Battle & Exploration: Year 7 Nearly Complete
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By dre

Oh boy, that was a bit of a close call. For a second there I thought I wasn’t going to meet my goal for this week. Thanks to a recent holiday in my country and me simply being a super procrastinator, I almost missed my mark. I was held up by a particular map due to the density of its content. Also, I ended up doing a bit of side content because I couldn’t resist adding the idea for comedic purposes. (It’s actually related to the visual effect from the video below, I’ll probably bring it up again in a later update)

As mentioned in my previous update, my goal was to achieve 70% completion of year 7. The map you see above is what I am currently working on. I am about 60% complete with it. It is the second to last map I have to complete for year 7. The final map is pretty large, but I am no doubt at about 70% complete with year 7. By the end of next week I should be complete with year 7. I still have to connect all the maps to the game events and transcribe all of the dialogue and events related to the quests, but after that is done I will officially be complete with the main story portion of the game.

The map above is the defining map for the unique region of year 7. It is part of the “final boss” level so to speak. Originally, I didn’t want to reveal this portion of the game, but now I think it just looks too cool to not show it off.

I was worried I would be revealing too much if I showed off the ending portion of the game, but now I realized you can’t really decipher my story with visuals alone. And it wasn’t like the volcano was a mystery. You can literally see it on the world map. But let’s get back to the visuals. Most of what you see in the above video is thanks to Shaders. Shaders are so awesome! The falling ember effect and the screen wide distortion is a result of simple 2d shaders that hardly impact the users pc. I wish to implement even more shaders before I complete the game because I have so many effects at my disposal, but I also don’t want to over do it. I’ll try to hold back.

We’re really in the home stretch now. The accumulation of years of work is coming together. I am super excited to test this game and see it functional from start to finish. I can see it now, me playing the game, 5 minutes pass and I think to myself, “Oh, that doesn’t look right.” or, “Oh, why did the game stop? I need to fix that.”. Yes, endless bug fixing. It’s a future I can’t avoid. đŸ˜­

Oh well, that’s game development for ya. I love it, this is the perfect career for me. I hope to do it for many more years. I’ll speak with you guys in the next update. Until then, stay well folks!

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