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Battle & Exploration: Year 6, (Not) As Expected
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By dre

(A mock preview of the final map of year 6.)

I am sadden to report that the previous week has been rather unproductive. All of the dark stars aligned and I managed to get myself sick. This knocked me out for the second half of the week. For the first half I was procrastinating on the job, thinking I’d pick up the slack in the second half of the week.

If only regret was a time traveling super power.

Because of my neglect and misfortune, I wasn’t able to reach any of the goals or expectations. The minimum I thought I’d reach was 75% (from 50%) completion. But all I’ve managed to reach is about 70%. I still need to complete the final map you see above. I managed to get this far due to me pushing myself in the later half of the week despite my constitution. (I still don’t feel 100% as of writing this blog post)

Despite this minor set back, it doesn’t change the overall expected completion date for the battle and exploration I estimated. I still expect to be completed with year 6 in the next week. Hopefully, I’ll also be able to start year 7 next week as well.

Boy, oh, boy. Year 6 was as bloated as I expected it was. But it was fun going over all of the dialogue I forgot I wrote. I hope all of the plot, twists and events I set up will be entertaining to people as it was to me when I created them.

That is all for this update. Live well and be cautious of what you eat.

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