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Battle & Exploration: 5th Year Complete
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By dre

I’m back with another report of a very productive week. I have finalized year 5 and begun work on year 6. As a matter of fact, I’ve managed to meet all my goals I set for this week. It’s very pleasant when everything goes well. That is, until it doesn’t.

As of typing this blog, my internet service is out. I am currently updating this using my phone as a hotspot. This seems to be a city wide problem which is worrying considering how large my city is. This is the result of a few storms that came through a few days ago but I’ve never seen it this bad before. I suppose I should be thankful I still have power. I’ve been through that scenario before and it was devastating.

Regardless, this situation has just made it easier to concentrate on completing content for the game and boy did I work!

This is a visual of one of the maps from the mid point of 6th year. At this point in the game you are knee deep in my plot web I set up. This is right before I start my lore dump in preparation for the great story height that is year 7. Nothing works in year 6 yet and that is my next great challenge. This is going to take the longest of time since there are so many items, dialogue, and events in year 6. You can see above just how large the map is compared to some of the earlier maps I’ve shown from the beginning of the game.

This is just 1 out of 14 maps that are in year 6. The size of the one above is about average compared to the others. Some maps are much larger, but that’s because I use it for multiple quests. This is the case for the first map in year 6.

So far I’d say I’m about 25% complete with year 6. For the next week I’d like to finish setting up all the data and events of every map in year 6, or to put it more simply, I’d like to be 75% complete. With that said, I highly doubt that will be possible. I’d be lucky to get 50% complete. I will do what I can. đŸ˜­

That is all I have for this update. Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you guys again next time.

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