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Battle & Exploration: Music & Events
By dre

The battle and exploration for the 3rd year is now complete. By, “complete”, I mean, all of the data has been transferred from paper, and into the game. It all still needs testing and balancing but I am saving that for later when all the years are “complete”. I am now ready to begin year 4.

The good news about year 4 is it’s actually much shorter than year 3. The dialogue content is a bit larger but dialogue entry is much faster than entering the battle and exploration content. I should be able to complete year 4 rather quickly.

Years 5-6-7, especially 6 will be…….dense. These years are not only full of dialogue but are full of battles, content, and maps. I haven’t mentioned this much but there is also a year 8, a sort of post game adventure. This, along with other game content yet to be done, can be thought of as an additional years worth of content on the to-do list.

It’s all quite a lot to tackle, but I am making real progress with each week. Every time I test the game to make sure some content functions the way I wrote it, I am drawn into the game. If things actually go smoothly for more than 5 minutes I often forget I was suppose to be testing because I’m just enjoying the atmosphere of the world. It’s a very nice feeling, a strong motivator to reach my weekly progress goals.

Another subject I don’t mention often is the music. This has been intentional because I wanted to save the subject for a major update at a later time. But due to recent events I decided to touch on it as a small preview of what’s to come. Below is an event preview from the 3rd year of the game.

(This particular event is content from the already completed dialogue portion of the game. Currently I am in the middle of completing the Battle/Exploration portion.)

This event includes recently commissioned music. Originally, there was only a single event theme but there was several dialogue events throughout each year. I became worried this theme would become repetitive after a while and came up with an idea to address this issue.  There are now 4 unique tracks that will play during regular events based on the season. (winter, spring, summer, fall) The scene from the video uses the summer theme. After hearing the rough drafts of the tracks for the first time I realized these tracks could also be used based on the tone of the event. This will require me to go back and assess each dialogue event but I feel it will be worth it.

I will get more into the music of Guardian’s Guide at a later major update. I feel the music in this project is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait for you guys to experience these tracks in the game for the first time. I’ve been thinking deeply about when certain tracks should be introduced and how often certain tracks should play. I hope the scenes and the music properly convey my intentions when it’s all completed and release.

As for now, once I’m fully complete with the battle and exploration I still have the yearly events and other miscellaneous task to complete. Not to mention all of the testing I need to do.
It sounds like a lot (and it is a lot) but I’ve come a long, long, loooonnnnggg way. I am 200% confident I will get it all done. I’m several years into this game development process and I’m still excited about it as I was from day one.

Onward and upward! I will talk to you guys again next week!

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