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Battle & Exploration: 4th Year Complete
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By dre

It took much longer than I anticipated, but I finally managed to get year 4 completed. A few important events happen during the 4th year that set the ground work for the major events that happen in the final 3 years. I fount myself rewriting and editing many parts of the dialogue to improve the flow. This slowed me down a bit. I also under estimated how long it would take me to implement the dialogue portion of the battle and exploration. This doesn’t bold well for the final 3 years. 😂 Especially year 6, year 6 has so much dialogue and maps compared to 5 and 7. Boy, oh boy.

Looking on the bright side, I am now more than 50% completed with the most dense portion of the game. Once I finish these last 3 years and the maps/events of the 8th year, I will be, roughly, 80% complete with the entire game. Of course, this isn’t taking into account the testing and balancing I still have to do. But we’ll cross that bridge when I arrive.

As I was working on some enemies in a certain map of the 4th year I realized the game lacked a certain capability for status effects. Originally, only certain skills and items were capable of inflicting negative status effects. But then I realized, what real reason did I have for not including equipment exclusively meant for inflicting status effects? I had no reason, so I created equipment for all the major negative status effect.

I decided to make the items into necklaces. They are suffixed with the word Pendant. Not only do they give you a chance to inflict their effect (it is a lower chance compared to skills/items) but they also increase your damage on targets inflicted with the effect. All of the items will be available for purchase in the default store, with the first 3 (Burn Pendant, Shock Pendant, Cold Pendant) becoming available in the first year of the game.

Here is a quick battle of the item in action. This is from a save file of the 3rd year map which I used to showcase a random treasure. Please ignore my death.

A small confession to make. It’s been weeks since I’ve started up the game world, I was surprised everything went as smooth as it did in the video. I used another item by the name of Oddz which increases all status effect chances by an additional 10%. (This item was only meant to increase skill status effect chance but I’m allowing it to effect the Pendants as well, shhhh, don’t tell the future players) This video is not a proper representation of the final game, I’m not even sure if these battles are correctly set up. I also ran into bugs as soon as I left the map, that’s what I get for being confident in my speedy scripting.😂

Next week I officially start on the 5th year. Just to give you an idea of what I’m up against, in the 4th year there were 6 maps in total. All of them were about 3 times as large as the first map of the game. Some were even 4 times as large. In the 5th year there are 12 maps. All of them at least 3 times to 4/5 times as large as the first year maps. Yeah…..

I’ll keep working hard. I don’t know when I’ll be done with the 5th year but I’ll keep at it. Until the next update, stay well folks!

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