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Animation: Week 1
By dre

Long time, no see folks. It’s been one hell of a few weeks. I’ve been hit by some unexpected events, but I refuse to let that get in the way of me finishing this game. So here I am.

In the time since the last update I’ve managed to implement 90% of all non battle/exploration related items in the game. That’s roughly 50% of all the data I needed to implement. What’s left is all the monsters, battle characters, abilities and talents (passive abilities). I’ve decided to do all of that together once I start focusing on battle/exploration.

Right now I need to complete all the animations for the daughter. I have done 4 so far and I have 11 to go. (the 11th illustration is still being created) I estimated it would take me a month to complete all the animations but I’m getting through them pretty fast. I think after suffering through all the data entry my perception of time was alter.

I now estimate I could complete them all by the end of next week. This is excellent news as it would put me weeks a head of schedule. Although, that would mean I’m back to data entry. Boy do I hate the data entry.

Once I’m done with the animations, I’ll be focusing on battle and exploration. I first want to complete ALL of the maps that will be in the game. This will require me writing the entire battle, exploration, quest line and story portion of the game. Needless to say, this will take time. But it is important, once I have it all in writing, I can start the implementation which will bring me considerably closer to completion.

After that is mostly done, I will start on the final portion of the game which is the non combat events. It is mostly text based events but it will make up a 3rd of the game in between combat/exploration and working.

Once I’m through that I will focus on the last 10% of the game. Not sure what it will be but I’ll know once I get there.

That’s all for now, talk to you guys next time.

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