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Weekly Update 5 Feb 2021: GUI and Design
By dre

As of writing this update it is currently snowing outside. This is unusual since It rarely snows where I live. I would be excited for this occasion but I don’t like the cold. The cold makes it difficult for me to concentrate on work.

As for the updates, february will be a short month due to me spending most of my time preparing this website. To compensate I will have a big reveal at the end of this month for you guys. At least that’s the plan. 

Most of what I’ve been doing this past week is changing the base GUI of the game. I’ve kept the GUI of this game fairly simple so the focus of the player is kept on the content and data rather than flashy GUI elements. But at the same time, I felt the simplicity was clashing with the wonderful background and character art I’ve been receiving over the past few months. 

I’ve tested a few new designs but I ultimately decided I shouldn’t stray too far from my original simplistic approach. Essentially, I desired something simple, yet decorative. It had to be something that would blend well with the theme of the game. I felt I managed to achieve that. 

Yes, this is technically a reveal of the speech box for Guardian’s Guide. What do you think?

Of course, this isn’t final, this, as well as many other things in the game are subject to change before the final build. 

Once I’ve changed the old GUI out for the new, I decided to redesign the battle layout. As it is now there is no fixed focal point for the player. I feel there are too many locations on screen the player has to pay attention too. So I’m going to try to combine most of the data toward the center of the screen so the player doesn’t have to look very far as the battle commands are executed.

You will understand better once I finally show off the battle system, as of right now it is not in a presentable state. ( most of everything is placeholders, no animations, Etc.) 

Once I’m done with that, if I don’t discover any other part of the game that needs immediate attention, I want to get started with creating the introduction of the game. I have most of the content needed for the introduction completed. But this task will take quite a bit of time to complete.

Nevertheless, that’s all the info I have for you today, until the next update stay well my friends.

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