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Minor Update: Paper Game 3
By dre

Another week over toward the goal of completion. As I explained in this post Allugic Blueprint 2022,I plan to complete the game to a playable state by the end of the year.

Although, I don’t have a lot to report this week. Most of what I’ve done is more documentation. I now have 90% of the weapons and equipment done. 30% of the accessories. Around 90% of the skills, that includes both the player and monster skills. About 20% of the battle items. I still need to create the home related items such as food, hygiene and assortment. Not to mention I still need to document quest, weekly city/world dialogue and residential interactions.

Regardless, I’m making good progress, it could always be better but it’s moving along.

In other news, my artist has been going back and making adjustments to improve the consistency of the daughter with all her older illustrations. Just recently I received a redesign portrait for the age 11 version of the daughter. Check out her before and after!

These changes are to be expected since this game is a major work in progress. I like the change, it fits better with her older illustrations. I’ll reveal everything to you guys in due time. Until then, stay frosty friends!


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