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Minor Update: Paper Game 2
By dre

Hello again! This is the second minor update on the road to completing the game this year. To get caught up please read this post Allugic Blueprint 2022.

To pick up from last week, I’ve mainly documented more items this past week. The process is very slow since coming up with names and arranging values is quite taxing. Originally I had a pretty high count for each type of item, but after getting a good look at the magnitude I realized that number was very excessive. I’ve since cut it down substantially and have a much better manageable amount for each type.

Last week I told you I had around 150 items labeled, now I have a little over 160 items but I am 3x further along. Unfortunately I will not make the January deadline. (I knew this) Even with cutting down the item count I still have over 1000 items to get through. Maayyybee I could be done by mid February. Maybe.

Besides that, I’ve re-revalued the status values once again. After arranging the documented values on the items and testing them out in game, I’ve decided to completely remove AP(action points). Skills and items will be freely used in battle as you see fit. There are many other mechanics in this game for the player to worry about, I just felt Ap management would be more of a chore than entertaining.

I also wanted most of the skills in the game to be viable throughout the whole game. Removing Ap requirements makes this possible with the least amount of effort.

On the 31st of Jan, the framework I’m using will officially be out of beta. I had originally planned to release a video update showcasing the changes I’ve made from the old framework to the new. Well, I don’t have that video done or even a script ready. But I suppose I’ll do that and get it done by next week.

Such a long road a head, with troubled seas. I’ll keep doing my best!


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