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Minor Update: Paper Game 1
By dre

Hello! This is the first minor update of the year with the goal of completing the game. If you’re not familiar, in the post Allugic Blueprint 2022 I declared my conviction to complete the game (to a fully playable state) in one year. My first goal on the list is to complete the whole game (or most of it) on paper so I know exactly what I need to do as I work through the game. This involves documenting all the items, quests, extra characters, exploration locations, and main/mini events I envisioned for this game.

This has been quite the challenge so far. Just coming up with names for items has been tough. So far I have 150 items created. Just a few 1,000 to go! I can already tell this process will go into february, oh well. Once I have everything documented the making process will go more smoothly.

Besides that I’ve been making some changes to the game. I’m trying not to change too much but I felt these changes were necessary. Each character in the game will have Talents. The companions in your party will have 1 unique Talent made just for them with 2 additional Talents slots you can equip for yourself. In order to gain those slots you must evolve the companion. The daughter will have access to the same Talent pool as the companions as well as unique Talents relating to her life and jobs. She gains access to her Talent slots as she grows.

Unlike weapons, armor, accessories and Titles, the influence of Talents spread across the whole game and are meant to make more impactful changes than merely “add 100 to attack”. For example, I completely forgot “chef” as a job type to include in this game. (other wise I would have included it) So instead, I will add cooking as a Talent option, and every week the daughter will “cook” something you could use to improve her mood/condition or give her increased vitality.

The idea is to have unique Talents develop as she works jobs. Even more unique Talents will spawn when you mix and match different job types, both for Life and for Battle. The battle Talents may spawn as you play characters a certain way or the way you interact with the world. This idea is still fresh and I still need to document this portion of the game.

Another change I made was to how Ap (action points) is used in battle. Originally, Ap was limited to a small amount and a character was able to use multiple actions in one turn. Since then, I’ve made changes to the battle system that allows for movement and now utilizing multiple actions per turn doesn’t feel appropriate any longer. So I’ve limited action to once per turn and now Ap works like regular Mp. The difference being, a certain amount of Ap is recovered every turn.

This pretty much makes the battle system works more like a traditional turn based game. (but with movement) I have some fun ideas to make the battles interesting.

That’s all I have for this week. In the coming week I’m going to continue documenting the game and testing the gameplay. Hopefully by february I can get the ball rolling on year 1.


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