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Minor Update: Map Building 5
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By dre

It took quite some time, but I finally managed to complete 90% of the map related content of the first year. I say 90% because there are event related scripting and images I still need to address. Besides that, all of the maps for the first year are done.

My goal was to finish all the maps asap and then test run them for bugs. I still need to do the testing but I haven’t run into any serious problems so far.

I’ve been crunching the numbers in my head to figure out when I’ll be done and I still don’t have a good estimate. But I do know the faster I can complete all the exploration and battling, the better. I’m considering if I should just bull rush all the maps and battles in the game or not.

I’m worried doing so will result in massive repair work down the line. Most of next week will be me checking all the maps and battles I’ve created so far. If most of everything looks good, I’ll seriously consider bull rushing to accelerate the game completion.

One problem I’m really worried about right now is the balance of the stats. I set these values early in development so I didn’t take into account me having to go back and adjust them multiple times. I’m afraid I might have to do that which will require me to update all the equipment to make them more modular. Ugh, what a pain.

The number of remaining maps and battles are massive, I don’t want to think about it. lol

I’ll keep working to the day I’m finish. Until next update, stay well guys!

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