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Battle & Exploration: Weather FXs
By dre

Picking up from last week, I manage to complete all of the asset events for the 2nd year. All that’s left is to connect the quest events and dialogs with the maps so it can be possible to chronologically play through the 2nd year. I would have had that completed but there was work I needed to do relating to the steam listing.

Speaking of steam, as of posting this update, my game page is in review. I’m assuming once/if it’s accepted, the game will be listed on steam soon after. I still need to update a lot of information on the game page here so you can expect a update on that in the coming days.

Besides working on the second year, I’ve implemented a feature I’ve been looking forward to seeing in game. Weather FXs! Here is a scene from one of the quest at the start of the second year.

This is one of quite a few weather FXs that will be in game. All of the weather FXs, with the exception of one, uses shaders so it runs very well on most hardware. Once the steam page goes live, you will see another weather FX from a 3rd year cave map.

For the next week I will continue to complete the second year and begin work on the 3rd year. (technically I already have since I needed the above mentioned screenshot for steam)

I will speak with you guys again in the next update.

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