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Minor Update: Increment
By dre

Hey, it’s been a while, so I’ll be delivering a bit of updates today. But the first question I should get out of the way is, where have I been? Well, no where. I’ve been just working on the game off and on in between life. I didn’t update for the past few weeks as I felt I didn’t really have much to report. Truthfully, I had plans to create a video to coincide with the official release of the framework I’m using but it seems that release won’t be until sometime in the middle of January. So I decided to hold off on that video until then. Besides that, development has been modest over these past few weeks. Nonetheless, I’ll go over whats been happening.

Early in the development of this game I changed the default resolution from 1920×1080 to 3840×2160(4k). Ever since then I’ve been slowly recreating old images so they properly reflect the newer default resolution. The main gui was practically the last stock of images I needed to recreate. With it completed, all the images in the game should be resolution compliant. Check the images below to see the difference. The frame of the gui has been redrawn and made flat to better coordinate with the rest of the gui elements.

Keep in mind, the old build in the images above is the same build you see in all the videos I made up to this point. I’ve made so many changes, both small and large, that I’ve forgotten a lot of them. I will attempt to go through as much as I can when I finally release the next video.

Besides the gui, I’ve been going through the game and fixing any “odd” behavior that would bother a player. For example, if I removed an item from a menu list, the list would scroll incorrectly; or, items not updating correctly after I use them.  This results in me spending hours trouble shooting and/or eventually reporting it as a bug in the software. Luckily, I’ve received or fount a solution to every problem I’ve had up to this point. Unfortunately, I know there are more small problems waiting for me, as that is the nature of software.

My goal is always to be further a long then I planned but this month has been particularly lack luster. But that doesn’t mean things haven’t progressed. As of matter of fact, there has never been a point in time (in the last 2 years) where this game wasn’t being worked on in one form or another.

A few months back I decided to out source the production of the monsters in this game. Originally, I had planned to create them while the main artist created the daughter and the main NPC cast. Truthfully, I didn’t want to take a lot of time away from designing and creating the game to work on all the monster designs I needed. So I asked my main artist if they knew any artist interested in designing monsters. After a few days of contact, I now have an additional artist doing the monster designs. And they have done phenomenal work so far.

Most of the monsters in this game are based on real animals. As of right now, about 40% of all the monster illustrations I need are completed. There are still quite a few non-monster portraits I need that I will probably create myself. Besides that, I have most of the illustrations for the daughter planned out for the entire game. That sits at about 40% completed as well.

I haven’t even touched on all the amazing music I’ve had created for this game. Throughout the whole year I’ve been working with a fantastic composer for the music of Guardian’s Guide. You’ve only heard a small portion of it in the videos but soon enough you will hear more and more as the game progresses.

Well, that about sums up what I wanted to post this update. My current goals are to wait for the official release of the new framework before I make a major update and video, slowly work to find odd behavior in the game while also continuing to solidify the ground work of the game design.

Just know that I am still here, I am still working on the game and so are the illustrators I have on board. Looking at the calendar, this will probably be the last update for this year.

I hope you all have a happy holiday and I’ll see you in the next year!

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