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Allugic: The Blueprint for 2024
By dre

2023 has, unquestionably, been the most productive year for Guardian’s Guide. Not only did I finish all of the data needed for this game, I manage to input that data so it’s ready and functional when I need it. Also, I managed to complete the first year of the game. It’s fully playable, with both the story and the battle/exploration fully functional. Not only that, but I have up to 80% of the story in game. Technically, that is fully playable as well.

Sadly, my original goal for 2023 was not met. My plan was to finish the game before the end of this year but I quickly realized by the mid point of 2023 that I would not finish in time. So I decided to push the release window back into 2024.

Make no mistake, I am 99% certain this game will be complete in 2024.

As I have stated in this major update, my goal for the release of this game is the first quarter of 2024. There is a possibility this could get pushed back but I am aiming for the first half with all my might.

Now, everything I am about to state is PURE hope and guesstimation. Do not take anything I write next as absolute.

For the next few months I will be working hard to complete the game. Once I have reached the month I believe the game to be completed, I will unveil a release date with a trailer and an upload to steam. I’m not sure if steam will be the only place I release the game, I really haven’t thought about any of this stuff yet but I know I need to start thinking about it soon.

All of my focus has been on getting the game to a finished state. I just don’t feel confident about making any promises until I know the game is fully playable, with that nice shine you expect from a finished product.

On the flip side of all this, I truly am running out of time to get this game completed. It’s really just a money issue (as all things are). So I have the highest incentive to get this completed as soon as possible.

And then, once it’s all completed, and the game is released, will it sell?

I don’t know.

My hope is it will do well enough where I can live and continue to make more games.

Oh yeah, did I mention I already know what games I want to make next? I already know what I want to do for the next 2 sequels and I have a different type of game I want to make following Guardian’s Guide.

But that all depends on how well this game does. If it completely bombs then, well, that’s it.

Regardless, this game making journey has been amazing. Working so hard toward my dream has been the greatest experience of my life. I love making games. I love creating worlds. And I love seeing people enjoy the worlds I make. I hope this game does well so I can continue to make games well past 2024. If it doesn’t then I’ll take solace in knowing I’ve completed something major in my life. This will be something I can look back at with pride until the day I die.

Let 2024 be the accumulation of my efforts.


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