Minor Update: Paper Game 4

So it’s been two weeks since the last update, mainly because I haven’t been actively working on the game due to life events. But I’ll deliver a small update anyways. You can get up to date by reading this link Allugic Blueprint 2022, and reading the past post here. I’ve postponed creating new documents to […]

Minor Update: Paper Game 3

Another week over toward the goal of completion. As I explained in this post Allugic Blueprint 2022,I plan to complete the game to a playable state by the end of the year. Although, I don’t have a lot to report this week. Most of what I’ve done is more documentation. I now have 90% of […]

Minor Update: Paper Game 2

Hello again! This is the second minor update on the road to completing the game this year. To get caught up please read this post Allugic Blueprint 2022. To pick up from last week, I’ve mainly documented more items this past week. The process is very slow since coming up with names and arranging values […]

Minor Update: Paper Game 1

Hello! This is the first minor update of the year with the goal of completing the game. If you’re not familiar, in the post Allugic Blueprint 2022 I declared my conviction to complete the game (to a fully playable state) in one year. My first goal on the list is to complete the whole game […]

Allugic: The Blueprint for 2022

2021 has seen some of the most promising development for Guardian’s Guide since I begin making the game many years ago. Even though I took the time to transfer the project over to a newer framework, the setback was very worth it and has allowed me to make changes that will benefit the game once […]